There's a few things to troubleshoot. 1. Have you got the Secure Wallet hardware card? If not you can purchase one from 2. You may need to update the card. It does this through the app, and should run through the update process before it will allow you to create your wallets. So, if it's not pairing, forget the device from your bluetooth settings, turn your phone off and on, then start again.  Then, disconnect all other bluetooth devices from your phone. When you open the ecomi app it will ask you to turn on the card. Then it may appear as 'undefined' on the screen (or something similar), and if you tap should initiate the update of the firmware. Once that is complete, you will be able to pair properly and create your wallet. Please do not turn the card on until you are prompted to by the app, there is a battery saving feature which may cause it to time out while it’s trying to establish the connection.