We do apologise, there is a display bug in the app that is causing a delay in updating balances. Ordinarily, the ECOMI app updates every 24 hours or so, however, you can 'pull down' the home screen to refresh it too. There is also a new update coming to the app soon that will make this process much quicker and more efficient, and make the app generally easier to use as well, so keep an eye out on our communities for when that is rolling out. It should be within the next month or two. In the meantime you can always confirm your transactions by using a block explorer. Simply copy/paste your receive address into the interface. If you can see the tx confirmed in the explorer, it has already arrived at your address, the delay is just the balance updating in the app, which will be rectified soon. For eth based tokens use etherscan.io, for OMI/Go based tokens explorer.gochain.io