As much as we all love technology, sometimes it decides to not work the way it is intended! Bluetooth is no exception, and when first pairing your Secure Wallet for the first time, the app can sometimes get stuck on the 'Connecting' screen. The reason for this is, on some phones the Secure Wallet needs to be manually connected to the Phones Bluetooth.

Problem - When you connect your Secure Wallet in the app for the first time, it will connect, but does not progress past the 'Connecting' screen.
Solution - Pair your Secure Wallet manually from your phone Bluetooth settings. See steps for Android and Apple below

ANDROID - Manual Bluetooth Pairing

Connect Your Secure Wallet and App
  1. Turn on your Secure Wallet
  2. Open the Secure Wallet app, and when it finds the Secure Wallet, click 'Connect'
  3. Wait for the Secure Wallet to connect via Bluetooth (the Bluetooth icon will show on the e-paper display)

Pair Bluetooth in Android Settings

  1. Now your Secure Wallet is connected with your phone's Bluetooth, open your Android Settings
  2. Go to 'Bluetooth' settings
  3. Your Secure Wallet will show in the list of 'Available Devices' 
    1. Note: The Secure Wallet will be listed as:
       'CoolWalletS  CWSXXXXXX'
      (the X = the serial number, which is found on the back of your Secure Wallet
  4. Tap the 'CoolWalletS  CWSXXXXXX' and wait for it to connect via Bluetooth
  5. When it connects, a dialog window will open on your phone asking for a pin number - This will now be displayed on your Secure Wallet e-paper display
  6. Enter the 6 digit number that is displayed on your Secure Wallet into the Bluetooth dialog window and click ok
  7. Your Secure Wallet will now be paired successfully with your phone
  8. Open the Secure Wallet App again, turn on your Secure Wallet, and click Connect, and you should be able to proceed with the Secure Wallet Setup