Step 1: Recipient Details and Amount

From the main balances screen, choose the cryptocurrency you want to send.
Click the Send button next the 'Account' you want to send from.
Enter the send address or press the 'QR Code' button on the right to scan a recipients QR Code.

Select which 'Account' you want to send from - this will be set based on the account you chose on the previous screen.

Enter the amount you want to send.

Choose the fee - it is not recommended the fee is lowered as this may result in long processing periods. If you want the transaction to happen quickly, make the fee higher. The default fee is more than likely adequate.

Click Next.

Step 2: Confirm the Send Details

The next step is to confirm the send details.
When you are satisfied the details are correct, click Next.

If the details need to be modified, click 'Back' and update them.

Step 3: Confirm Send on Secure Wallet

The final step is to confirm the send on your Secure Wallet
Step 1. After a moment or two, the Secure Wallet e-paper display will show the amount of currency you want to send.
When it does, press the (red) button on the Secure Wallet to confirm the amount and move to the next step
Step 2: Press the (red) button a second time to finalize the transaction and send the cryptocurrency
Send completed.