Step 1: Get the App

Download and Install the Secure Wallet companion app:

Click here to Android

Click here for Apple

Step 2: Pair Your Secure Wallet

The first time you use your Secure Wallet with your phone you need to 'pair' it. The pairing process creates a secure and encrypted connection between your Secure Wallet and the device (phone). 

1. Open the ECOMI Secure Wallet app 
2. Turn your Secure Wallet on (by pressing an holding the red button).
3. Wait for the app to find the Secure Wallet. When it does, the Secure Wallet serial number will show on screen - located in the top left on the back of your Secure Wallet - Then click the Connect button.

4. The first time you connect to the Secure Wallet you will need to allow the device to connect via bluetooth.

In the panel that opens, enter the number that is displayed on the Secure Wallet e-paper display.

Note: The bluetooth connection panel will differ based on the phone

5. When prompted, press the button on the Secure Wallet to complete the pairing

6. When the pairing is complete, 'Paired' will display on the e-paper display
7. Firmware update: Once paired you will be prompted to update your Secure Wallet's firmware if needed. Tap continue to begin the update.
8. Please allow sufficient time for both the firmware to be downloaded (connecting speed will dictate this) and the device to be updated. This process can take up to 30 minutes.
9. Once updated tap close to begin setting up your wallet.

Step 3: Create Your Wallet

Now that Secure Wallet is securely paired with your phone, it's time to create your wallet. If you need to recover a wallet, you can find the steps here

1. Tap Create to create the wallet 
Write down the 12 Seed Numbers in the supplied 'Recovery Booklet'. Then, tick the 'I have written down the seed number' box, and click Next

This Seed Number will allow you to restore your wallet balances if you ever lose your Secure Wallet (or phone). If you lose the Seed Number you may not be able to restore your balance. ECOMI does not retain a copy of your Seed Number, so keep this in a very safe place.
3. Using your recovery Booklet, enter the 12 Seed Numbers one after each other
4. Wait for the wallet to be created. This will take 2-4 minutes.
5. (Optional) Choose to add a PIN, you will now be prompted with the option to select a PIN number if desired.
5.1. (Optional) Enter your desired PIN and click ◀ 
5.2 (Optional) Confirm you PIN one more time and cick ◀ to compete.
6. Wallet Setup completed!